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Welcome to Meridian Motors

Meridian Motors is one of the oldest and reputable automobile import company in India. We have been supplying our clients in India with brand new imported automobiles/cars from Japan, UK, Thailand, New Zealand, Dubai and Australia for more than 30 years at competitively low price.

As the oldest and most experienced automobile importer in India we have established a good reputation with our customers for supplying consistently high quality vehicles.

Meridian Motors is one of the trusted names in brand new car importer in India


Our shipping methods and times excel other vehicle importing companies. Therefore, whether you are buying one, ten or a hundred vehicles, we can deliver to you faster.

Ordering is extremely easy, you can order vehicles by going to our stocks or you can contact us through phone, fax or email. We offer you the best rates and we take the hassle out of ordering. We take care of all the details for you, including shipping and documentation. Our rates are the most competitive in the market and our quality is the best. We never stop making efforts for providing our customers with better services, and keep pursuing higher customer satisfaction!

We have sales offices in India and 24/7/365 customer service centers to assist your purchasing procedures. We are always beyond your screen to help you!

High Quality Cars

Detailed Specifications



  • Brand new cars at affordable prices: We believe in giving a new dimension to owning exotic brand new cars and raise the standard of the car market in India
  • Customization of automobiles according to customer needs and satisfaction
  • Safe and Quicker delivery and Logistic network. All vehicles can be delivered up to your port of destination upon receipt of your firm order and payment. Our overseas shipping department ensures to book your cars after getting delivery from the manufacturer as soon as possible and inform you the status of shipment throughout the process
  • Over 30 years of experience tells the difference. In our long history over 30 years in this field of business, we have gathered good knowledge on the market trade, and we believe that we have been fulfilling customer's needs and expectation at all times.

Multipoint Safety Check

24/7 support

  • Low Prices, No Haggling
  • Largest Car Dealership
  • Multipoint Safety Check

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C4, Community Center
New Delhi - 110028
Phone: +91-9650681833
Email: info@meridianmotorsindia.com